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Residential and commercial tree services

Taking care of your trees can be a daunting task. Whether you need to remove one completely, prune away dead wood or get rid of a stump, your safety is going to be at risk – not to mention the time and stress you’ll put into the job. Instead of worrying about doing it yourself, call Greater Heights Tree Care. We’ve been providing excellent tree care services to the residents of Westmoreland and surrounding areas including Utica and Rome since 2005. Allow us to take care of the trees at your home or business.

Pruning and removal services

Tree Pruning is an important part of maintaining tree health. Fruit trees need regular pruning, at least once a year, while other trees need to be pruned to remove dead wood or limbs that are growing in dangerous areas. Don’t put your family, home or cars at risk of falling branches or dead trees that can do serious damage. Call Greater Heights Tree Care of Westmoreland any time of day for excellent tree pruning and removal services.

Available around the clock

Because Greater Heights Tree Care is dedicated to providing the best tree care services in the Westmoreland area, we offer our customers 24/7 availability. If you have a tree emergency—whether it involves the trimming of dead wood, the removal of a dangerous tree or something else—we’ll get to your property as quickly as possible to deal with the problem. Contact our office in Westmoreland today for a free estimate. We service Westmoreland and surrounding areas including Utica and Rome.

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